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A diary which was dedicated wants to share experiences of journeys and adventures. Discovering the different places with full of beautiful scenery, historical backgrounds, rich culture, cuisines and meet different races of people.

Getaway heals our minds. We can relax and feel happiness but we also admit that sometimes we met some bad experiences. But either bad or good experienced it can teach us a good lesson, as the saying goes "Experience is the best teacher" right?

Getaway is not only by means of travelling but also discovering. As we travel we can experiences many things that is different to our usual daily life.  Differences in environment, climate, food, language, culture, people and many more. But of course as we go on with our own journey we slowly understand what the world is. Just like a baby who doesn't know anything but as he grows he slowly knowing the world.

In this blog, the author wants to share some of her experiences not only her but also those people who came along with her life sharing their unforgettable journeys. Local or world journeys and adventures are all incomparable, that we can feel proud of to our own selves that once in our life time we experience and say I've been there. This is a journey for everybody. Let's all rediscover and enjoy what our world gives us.

Maeri Ann

Maryann Batara is my real name currently residing in Taiwan and I'm from Philippines

Hi everyone.... Just call me Maeri. I'm just a simple girl who enjoys travelling, I'm a nature adventurer, a music lover, a Korean drama addicted, a hip-hop dancer and a fashionista in my own way.

I was inspired blogging since I read many blogs sharing their knowledge and experiences and I want to do so. I started learning on how to blog even just on my own and it's not that easy. But as day passed by you will learn and discover many things and it's worth trying.

I'm the author of this blog and I want to share some of my experiences and my friends experiences since they are sharing their unforgettable moments with me. I want to share my passion with honesty, with my own real opinion and ideas that come to my mind.

Hope everyone will enjoy reading my blogs ^_^

Thank You.....

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