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Promise Land Resort and Lagoon in Hualien County

Hualien County is one of the famous tourists destinations in Taiwan. They have many beautiful spots which tourists can go and visit the places including Taroko National Park and Yushan National Park and it's coastline is well suited for biking purposes.

Hualien County is the largest county in Taiwan in terms of area, and is located to the mountainous coast of eastern Taiwan. It is the starting Point of Hualien-Taitung Line railroad and the terminal point of North-Link Line of Taiwan Railway Administration. Hualien county is divided to 1 city, 2 urban townships and 10 rural townships.

And in SHOUFENG Township you can find another place to relax and sightseeing within the area with your families and friends, the PROMISE LAND Resort and Lagoon. A destination vacation resort that creates amazement, enjoyment and enlightenment. There are selection of exciting entertainment facilities for an endless vacation fun for the guests. You can also experience gourmet with different restaurants within the area. And if you wish to stay for how many days for your vacation there are hotels to check in.

Photo Credit: Promise Land Resort and Lagoon

What you can do in Promise Land Resort and Lagoon:

  • Boat ride to experience exotic Venice sensation. Riding boat trough the cottage and landscaping is the best way to see the spectacular view of the resort. Experience the exotic Venice sensation with their Gondola rides. Guest will pass through 16 unique bridges and 8 boat docks and it's different experience to ride the boat during daytime and nigh time. Boat tour was 15-20 mins.
  • Experience coolness in swimming pools. Here in Promise Land Resort and Lagoon, water is the spirit of this said place. There are three islands featuring the children's pool, jet- stream jacuzzi for guests to have fun for their vacation getaway and the mid island features a  bar area that provide soft drinks along the pool side.
  • Walking along the red brick paths. Feels like rediscovering slow living environment. Mountains run crisscross behind the hotel and waves roll around one after another, displaying the spirit of the nature.
  • Themed Party. Have fun! Every night there is a live musical performance and aboriginal dances.
  • Experience the Resort 's variety of facilities. There are also options from the above mentioned activities. Here you can do horse back riding, biking, DIY accesories making, experience hot spring, etc.
See there are many activities you can do in this such a beautiful place. But when we went there it was just only a short time. We just only visit the place walking with red brick paths, walk along the bridges and visit the pools. But hoping next time i will experience the different activities here in Promise Land Resort. 

Here are some of the pictures during my short time visit in Promise Land Resort and Lagoon.

The Lagoon. I took this pic while just roaming around the place.

Me at the red brick bridge

Mid island pool

At children's pool

Just beside the pool area

Let's enter the jacuzzi on the cave..hehehe

One fine day visiting the place. I enjoyed every moment and will keep the memories in my heart. Just enjoy what life's meant to be. Go to a place where your family and friends relax while enjoying. 

Directory Link:

  1. Address: No. 1號, Lǐxiǎng Rd, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County, 974
    Phone:03 865 6789

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