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Unforgettable Puerto Galera : Swimming Mode in Day 1

As I mentioned to my first post about White Beach in Puerto Galera, this beach was very beautiful and popular among Filipino tourists. Many Filipino tourists flocks here during Holy Week. The rate of accommodation during Holy Week was increased and sometimes private houses was also rented because hotels and lodging inns in the area can no longer accommodate the numbers of visitors.

Before we went there we already reserved a lodging inn because it's Holy Week and expect the large numbers of tourists going in and out there. And to surprised we have a VIP escort with car going to our lodge which we reserved. We have our VIP treatment (just feeling great). Then we go straight to the lodge and put our luggage in our room and the we go out to find a restaurant for gastronomy. After we ate we went back to our lodge and take a rest for awhile to regain energy for our swimming mode.

View facing from front of Villa Cristine Resort
The feeling was great as if you relieve all your problems because of the nature. You can relax your mind, your body and your soul. I enjoyed a lot looking at the nature. The weather is good that's why we enjoyed even more.

Here in Philippines have also it's tropical fruit. Many kinds of fruits are found here. Some are not just seasonal but they bear fruits the entire year like coconut tree. The owner of the lodge offered us a fruits which they harvested from what they planted on their farm. What a very kind and generous lodge owner, isn't it? We enjoyed the fruits which they gave us.

Here are the fruits offered by the lodge owner. Banana..

Philippines are also a banana and mango exporter.

Philippine Mango

Philippine Pomelo

What a great to start the day that full of blessed coming from the nature.

Just me..

Eating fruits can make your body healthy. And can prevent some sickness because of vitamins coming from the fruits.

After regaining our energy, we start preparing our selves to go the beach which just a few steps away from our lodge. Villa Cristine Resort was the name of the lodge. And it was peaceful and near to nature. You can just hear the chirping of birds and see the dancing of the leaves. What a wonderful world. ^_^

And here we are..... Beach Lovers.

me and my berks..

See we enjoyed a lot here in White Beach Puerto Galera. We swim and swim until we feel tired of swimming. There are a lot of people here, a group of family, a group of friends and a group of lovers and a group of foreign tourists. First day was great. We have all our mode in swimming. The weather is just fine.


Puerto Galera is area which has high diversity of marine species in the world and it is renowned for their coral and fish species. Lucky we saw one kind of a sea creature, the sea urchin.

We just love beach and nature.

Info Links
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
White Beach

How to get there in Villa Cristine Resort
  1. Villa Christine Resort (Puerto Galera) is three to four hours away from Metro Manila Area.
  2. If you are already in Manila getting to Puerto Galera. having your own vehicle is very convenient all you need to do is drive through South Luzon Expressway turn right to star toll gate and then head to Batangas Pier.
  3. From there, you can either park your car and ride a “Banka” (small boat) going to White Beach Puerto Galera or have your car ride a RORO (roll on, roll off) ship so you could take your car with you to Calapan City from there it take two hours going to White Beach.
  1. To get to Puerto Galera from Manila you can get a Bus to the Port of Batangas (about 3 to 4 hours).
  2. Almost all major bus lines in Manila have regular trips going to the Port of Batangas. From the port, take a "banca" ride (outrigger boat) directly to your beach of choice. You can also take the early morning “Ro-Ro” (roll on-roll off) ferryboat (2 1/2 hours trip) once a day or the speed boats that leave the port several times a day.
  3. Ferry ride costs around the same of the boat rides to White Beach. From Muelle, you may ride a jeep or tricycle to White Beach which will cost around 30 to 50 pesos.
  4. Public Buses from Manila to the Port of Batangas:
        BLTB Bus Lines: EDSA, Pasay. Tel # 833-5508, 833-5501, 913-1525
        Jam Transit: Taft Ave., Pasay. & New York St., Cubao. Tel. # 541-4409, 924-7712
        Tritran Transit: Edsa, Quezon City. Tel # 925-1759, 925-1758
  5. Another way to get to Villa Christine Resort Puerto Gallera is to catch a bus leaving everyday at the City State Tower Hotel in Ermita, Manila (tel. # 0917 694 6918) the bus takes you to the Port of Batangas where a catamaran “Si-Kat” waits to ferry passengers to Puerto Gallera. There is also a bus leaving Royal Palm Hotel (tel 02/526 2566) in Ermita, Manila at 8 a.m.

 View Puerto Galera Map

Photo Credit : Villa Cristine Resorts

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