Saturday, October 12, 2013

Unforgettable Puerto Galera | RO RO your Boat, Gently Down the Sea Stream

Philippine archipelago is surrounded by water that's why it has many beautiful beaches to visit in this country. One of the best beaches here are found in the province of Oriental Mindoro.  Puerto Galera was located in the southwestern end of the Isla Verde Passage and it is the northwestern most municipality province of Oriental Mindoro.

Puerto Galera has one of the most highest diversity of marine species in the world and some of the most diverse coral reef diving in asia.  Among the famous beaches in Puerto Galera are SABANG and WHITE BEACH because it has an active nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants. Sabang Beach is the main destination for foreign tourists while White Beach remains popular to local travelers.

Going to Puerto Galera was one of my unforgettable moments. I'm full of excitement because of those breathtaking views. You just have to say WOW...that was beautiful.

Here are some shots we took while we are on board going to Puerto Galera.

RORO means Roll-on Roll-off, one of the main transportation in going to white beach in Oriental Mindoro.

As you enjoy riding with the boats you will also see some small islands and surely you will gain more excitement as boat was sailing into the sea.

Passing by to the small island and I noticed that there is a rest house at the end of the island.

Puerto Galera is one of the best beaches you can hang out with you friends. Here, there are many activities you can do such as scuba diving, sailing, swimming, snorkling,surfing and etc. Especially during summer seasons there are a lot of people go here because the water is crystal clear and shimmering. You will experience the powder white sand to grainy dark sand and to smooth stones to rough coral rubble. And among of all it was very affordable in going there.

There are many beautiful beaches around the world. And one of my unforgettable beach getaway was when I'm with my real friends. It was great because we are enjoying and sharing what life's meant to be. To be with your true friends is one great thing and with beach getaway was amazing.

Ask your friends or your families and give yourself a treat. And enjoy what the world gives us.

Info Links:
Puerto Galera, Oriantal Mindoro
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