Saturday, October 12, 2013

Liyu Lake Escapade

Nature tripping is one of the best adventure that can everybody will enjoy because I believed that everybody loves the beauty of the world.

Photo Credit : Hualien Tourists Network

Liyu Lake is one of the spots in Southern part of Hualien County which was located in Chinan Village, Shoufeng Township. It is the largest inland freshwater lake in this region. The lake was encircled by a road which can be walked in an hour. It is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery. Activities that are suitable here are camping, picnic and rowing the lake. Tourists can ride on a boat to sail the lake. From there you can see the mountains which surrounded in the lake. Tourists can walk or ride bycycle along the track. When the weather is good paragliders take off to Mt. Liyu, east part of Liyu Lake to see more the splashing green color of the mountain landscapes.

Photo was taken during summer season.

It was pretty bad when we went there because it was late winter and it was a little bit rainy but of course I still enjoyed the place. You feel peace in here. I like the tranquility of this place.

Behind me are the boats which tourists can ride on but it's not free of course, it is for the development and for the people who taking care of the lake. 

Expect to be more colder than in the city because of the good environment. I want to go back there again to see how it feels in summer season. And there are a lot more to discover there like the foods they serve which just across the lake. We just stayed there for a short time due to the weather condition so it feels like I'm going to get back there. And one thing I want to see there are the blooming of cherry flower which was planted on the foot of the Mt. Liyu. Unluckily when we went there the cherry flowers was just starting to bloom.

You have to enjoy what the world gives us. Go here and discover the hidden heart of LIYU LAKE.

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