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Enchanted Kingdom: The Magic Stays with You

Way back November 2011, I was given the chance to visit and enjoy an amazing amusement park on my birthday. Together with my family we pack up our bag, foods and things needed in travelling. My sister in law who got the discounted tickets through online. She made a treat with us and we are blessed because finally we will enjoy another day of our life.  Because it was a family day we also expected that there are many excursionists who will go there on that day.

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park located in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines. It is about 29 km away from Manila. The main entrance was resembles like Disneyland just like what in Disneyland Movies. and here it is.
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Here are the lists of the Enchanted Kingdom Park Zones for you to have a lists in your travel plan going to this place.

1. VICTORIA PARK - It was inspired by the era of Queen Victoria's rule and displays in its elegance. There are entertainers and mascots in this area of the park, and most notably, the entertainer was ELDAR and the mascot was the mascot of Enchanted Kingdom.

Attraction : Carousel.
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2. PORTABELLO - it was the replica of Portabello, a place in Panama in the Carribean Sea where the riches Incas where shipped by the Spaniards. It features treasures hidden by the Spanish sailors. Portabello hosts the Rio Grande- the largest attraction in the park.

  • 4D Discovery Theater - 4D Film Theater
  • Flying Fiesta - Wave Swinger
  • Rio Grande Rapids - River Rafting Rides
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll : The Experience!!! (SRR : X!!!) - Haunted attractions
  • Xtreme Paintball
  • Disc-O-Magic - Dick'O Rides
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3. BOULDERVILLE - prehistoric theme with dinosaurs as main characters. There are rides designed for childrens. Puppets shows and dinosaur mascots are found in this area.

  • Air Pterodactyl
  • Bouncing Boulders Mini Drop Tower - Drop Tower
  • Boulderville Express - Train Ride
  • Bumbling Boulders - Teacups
  • Dinosaurs 
  • Petreefied House
  • Stone Eggs - Kiddie Ferris Wheel
  • Bouncing Boulders
  • Rock Quarry
Merchandise: Ice Age Ice Cream, Purefoods TJ Hotdogs Kiosk, Stone Age Souvenirs

4. MIDWAY BOARDWALK - colorful and carefree zone inspired by in a Coney Island, known as America's Playground. The attractions around this place mostlu including mimes, jugglers and clowns.

Atrractions :
  • Anchor's Away - Pirate Ship Ride
  • Bump 'n Splash
  • Dodgem - Bump Cars
  • EKstreme Tower Ride - Drop Tower
  • Midway Games
  • Roller Skater - Vekoma Junior Coaster
  • Steeplechase Archade - Arcade Games
  • Up, Up and Away - Balloon Ride
  • Wheel of Fate - Ferris Wheel
Merchandise : Feltman's, Harry Houdini's Magic Shop, Henna Tattoo and Face Painting, Purefoods TJ     Hotdog Kiosk, Sips Ahoy, Stir Fried Rice

5. BROOKLYN PLACE - is a theater and shopping designed after 1940's Brooklyn, New York were slapstick comedies and silent movies are reminisced.

  • Broadway and Brooklyn Shows
  • Parade at the Cobblestone Street
  • Rialto (now in 3D) - Simulator Ride
Merchandise : Soda Fountain, Five N' Dime Emporium

6. SPACEPORT - inspired by sci- fi films and NASA space program. Notably 11- Storey Ride, Space Shuttle that stands out in the park and it was the first shuttle coaster in the Philippines.

  • Bandstand
  • Eldar's Tent
  • Kart Trak - Kart Racing
  • Jr. Kart Trak - Kiddie kart Racing
  • Launch Time
  • Space Shuttle Max - Vekoma Boomerang Roller Coaster
  • Laser Mission
Merchandise : Pizza Hut

7. JUNGLE OUTPOST - offers a jungle adventure. It was deigned after the Amazon Jungle.

  • Amazon Hoops
  • Jungle Log Jam - Log flumes
  • Swan Lake
  • Tropics Trading Post
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When the night comes, everybody was excited because the entire place was lit up with many lights and you will truly experience the fairy castle you can never imagine. And It was the best scene I've ever seen in my life especially when I tried the Wheel of Fate which was riding the ferris wheel. And if you where at the top it was really amazing and it was awesome because you can see the entire place full of lights. I cannot explained what I feel when I'm on the top looking at the place and you never feel feared or scared because what you can only see was a bright world.
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We did not experience all the rides because one day is not enough. They have also fireworks display during weekends and Philippine Holidays which we did not also see because we need to go back to Manila. We had so much fun and it was really unforgettable experienced I ever had.

Here are some photos which I took day and night scene.






Have a great memory with your family and value them  until the very last breath of our life. Be happy and enjoy life even though there are many trials.

How to get there at Enchanted Kingdom:

By Public Bus
Local buses are available to take you to and from Enchanted Kingdom.
Bus Company:Jam Liner Transit
Location:Pasay City near Buendia LRT station
Bus Route:Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Fare:PhP 61.00
Travel Time:45 minutes to 1 hour
Bus Company:JAC Liner
Location:Pasay City near Buendia LRT station
Bus Route:Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Fare:PhP 61.00
Travel Time:45 minutes to 1 hour

By Public FX/Van
Location:EDSA Crossing (in front of Star Mall EDSA)
Van / FX Route:Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Fare:PhP 80.00
Travel Time:45 minutes to 1 hour

By Car / Private Buses
Parking facilities are available for private vehicles.

Parking Fees:
     Private Cars:PhP 50.00 (fixed rate)
     Private Buses:PhP 35.00 (fixed rate)

For Ticket Outlets and Daily Schedule of opening visit Enchanted Kingdom website.
Link :

Source Info Credit:
Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom Wikipedia


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