Monday, January 6, 2014

Review: Nongshim Onion Ring 양파 링 for My Midnight Snack

Annyeong Haseyo!!! It's been a long while since my last post. And now, I'm back and here is my first post for this was just something to eat^^

Actually I'm planning to post this last year but due to my hectic schedule I just managed to draft some part of it. My sister bought this snack while we are doing a last minute of Christmas shopping. My sister said this onion ring taste good but I did not look for it because I was more interested looking at beauty products that time. I just heard her whispering this is delicious..

At night, while I'm in front of my lop top and getting bored I started looking for something and there I found this junk food. While opening I just then realized it was a product of Korea. I paused for awhile to read the package. It was Onion Rings Hot Flavor with Net Wt. of 70g (2.47oz). Nongshim is a Korean brand and probably they are known for manufacturing noodles as well as snack food including this Onion Ring. Nongshim was a member of Snack Food Association (SFA), An International Trade Association.

The ingredients of this product was wheat flour, wheat starch, tapioca starch, potato powder, sugar,salt, dextrin riboflavin,onion powder,palm oil, bran oil, powder and chili flavor. But sorry to tell you guys I can't post the Nutrition Facts because I can't read the characters..really sorry for that. But honestly this onion ring was taste better than those I tasted before because this is not too salty and it has sweetness though it was hot flavor. It was just it suit to my taste buds..hehe, I ate it accompanied by milk tea with sago. 

Well, I know guys you have this habit while you are in front of your television or computers especially when you were with your bunch of friends..Crunching snack anytime..hehe..

For more information visit this website : NONGSHIM 

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