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The Administrative Districts of Seoul, South Korea

Hi guys... Want to go in Seoul, South Korea? Well I want to share this info. before traveling there...

Seoul is divided into 25 districts or gu ( 구 )
  1. Dobong District        (도봉구; 道峰區)
  2. Dongdaemun District (동대문구; 東大門區)
  3. Dongjak District       (동작구; 銅雀區)
  4. Eunpyeong District    (은평구; 恩平區)
  5. Gangbuk District       (강북구; 江北區)
  6. Gangdong District      (강동구; 江東區)
  7. Gangnam District       (강남구; 江南區)
  8. Gangseo District        (강서구; 江西區)
  9. Geumcheon District    (금천구; 衿川區)
  10. Guro District            (구로구; 九老區)
  11. Gwanak District        (관악구; 冠岳區)
  12. Gwangjin District      (광진구; 廣津區)
  13. Jongno District         (종로구; 鍾路區)
  14. Jung District            (중구; 中區)
  15. Jungnang District     (중랑구; 中浪區)
  16. Mapo District          (마포구; 麻浦區)
  17. Nowon District         (노원구; 蘆原區)
  18. Seocho District        (서초구; 瑞草區)
  19. Seodaemun District  (서대문구; 西大門區)
  20. Seongbuk District    (성북구; 城北區)
  21. Seongdong District   (성동구; 城東區)
  22. Songpa District        (송파구; 松坡區)
  23. Yangcheon District   (양천구; 陽川區)
  24. Yeongdeungpo District (영등포구; 永登浦區)
  25. Yongsan District       (용산구; 龍山區)
*Songpa District has the most people in Seoul and Seocho District has the largest area in Seoul.
*Each District or Gu is divided into neighborhoods or Dong (동; 洞).

Now we know all the districts in Seoul, right guys?

Info and photo credit : Seoul Wikipedia

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