Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Modern Toilet Restaurant | I'm so Curious....are you not?

Curiosity leads us the strong desire to discover, to know or to learn something, right? And when something very interesting we don't just let it go without  trying to know what is in there.

See this? Are you not curious?

I went off to Taipei to get may new passport that I renewed a few weeks ago. Luckily I have companion who have a friend working in Taipei that's why we get the chance of one day tour in Taipei. We went to one of the most trending restaurant because of the name and it's restaurant theme. Yes, I heard it once but actually I experienced getting there.

Modern Toilet Restaurant was a weird name for any restaurant but it was true. How can you eat food when you see urinals, toilet bowls especially poops? I think your gonna spew things on your own mouth. (laugh out loud!) But I think nothing wrong when you try and see how will your stomach go through on this.

The place was one of the busiest and crowded place in Taipei because it was where one of the biggest night market located in Taipei, the Ximending Night Market. Modern Toilet Restaurant was just around the corner and with that big white bowl you can tell that it was already their original trademark.

Whoa! As we entered we already saw toilet bowls with huge brown poop.

The Entrance
The restaurant was on the second floor and as we went upstairs we saw colored tube pipes which  has a light bulb on the end of each holes. Pretty amazing. The interior design was design as poops but actually it was very interesting and it was really fun. The wall lights and their chandeliers was all in poops even the throw pillows are all in poop shape. There was also one table that their chairs are all toilet bowls.

And because the weather is hot we ordered a big pile of ice shaved that can serve up to four person. Their choices was toilet 1, toilet 2, 3...and the difference was their choices of  ice shave toppings but it was really affordable.

Delicious ice shaved in squatting urinal!

They also serve different cook food like fries which we ordered also and some drinks. Menus are all serve in toilet bowl shape, squatting urinal, corner urinal and portable urinal.

My friends, oh well I noticed the center light was a toilet pump, right?

Pretty cool!

Souvenir corner

TaiwanToilet-Taipei Ximen
Tel. : 02-23118822

Address : 2F, No 7,Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City

Seating : 80

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday    11:30-22:00   ( Service hours   21:00)
Friday         11:30-22:30   ( Service hours   21:30)
Saturday    11:00-22:30   ( Service hours   21:30)
Sunday      11:00-22:00   ( Service hours   21:00)

For more information about Modern Toilet Restaurant just visit their official website at

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