Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Because it's the First Time | YUKO FESTIVAL in Hualien County, TW

 " Small packages comes with a big thing. " Yeah, sometimes you don't have to be extravagant to experienced some things that are unforgettable.

HUALIEN YUKO FESTIVAL gives you an experience that is so memorable for those who went and interested about it. Earlier I posted about this event and now I will tell you what I experienced. So expect many photos of me.

Pretty, prettier, prettiest, who?sshhh....

This is us, I'm not belong to them because they are the ayi's (mandarin for aunt) who performed a traditional Japanese dance. I just make sure that I will a get a group picture of them and I got it. LOL
But the epic was I'm not prepared to wear those white white socks and my Yukata was a little bit short for me. The Yukata was a little bit insufficient to accommodate all the interested people who went for this event. And since you can wear it for 1 hour the people who comes first used the complete Yukata and the prettier one. I'm just lucky that I got the luckiest one..the red color and it makes it like Japanese - Chinese traditional costume with matching red umbrella.

Oh that kid, she's so cute...
I have no companion to take a picture of me but I'm thankful because the people are very kind to me. I asked them and they we're happily lend their help and likewise too. I took a picture of them especially if they are a group of family.

They are just so cute to not took a picture with them.

It's the entrance of the traditional house. As we can always see in many books or even in movies Japan houses usually used sliding doors and sometimes it has it's bamboo leafy print but this one is just plain. The division of the house used sliding also to get to another room just like this house,

Just another picture in front of the house.

The Traditional House
Front view

Event where there are dances and playing instruments entertainment.

 Above products is where you can buy worth of 300 TWD in exchange of wearing the Yukata, the Traditional Japanese garments. I just bought 1 item worth 299 TWD but the owner it's okay and she considered it and wrote it on the back of it's store name which you will present as ticket to wear the Yukata. Not bad, right? You have already an item and you can have memorable experienced. And of course you will presented an ID when entering and I got lucky again that I bring my passport even if I forgot my Alien Residence ID. Just a lucky day and it's the first time for me.

Next year again...

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