Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let's Go!! To a Korean Traditional Market

Have you ever been to a traditional market? I hope so.. because every one of us has a traditional market in our own country.

Traditional market depicts our own old style of living. But nowadays, there are now changes because of the influence of  the new era or also being already predominantly developed country.

Traditional market is where our native or raw products are being sold and likewise being consumed. Though there are now native products being sold in some malls or supermarkets. But for me, it was more spirited to buy native products in a traditional market. So, I definitely go and buy in a place where I can feel the spirit of people's hard work.

Here is a view of a traditional market somewhere in Korea where my friend took a shot while she's roaming around and looking for a place where she can spice her stomach.

Fresh Seafoods....

One way street market for dining.

Seafood Sellers are in line.

Their market was neat and cleaned. Everything was fresh that are good for our health.

Photo Credit: My friend, YU CHENG CHEN @Facebook

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