Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Made in Korea | Thanks for the Gifts

Since I was already a big big fan of Korea, I  always thinking of having something that are touch with Korea. I haven't tried to buy yet because I have many priority expenses. lol ^_^  I'm just waiting for the right time. And as I know their products are recommendable.

Luckily, my sisters boss is one of a kind fashion girl. She always purchased clothes through online shopping. But sometimes if we purchased online we cannot guarantee if that clothes was really fit to the actual body size even though we know our sizes. In my opinion it depends to the brand we are purchasing. Unfit clothes will happen if we don't know yet the brand and it is your first time to purchase that brand through internet. And that thing happened to my sister's boss, that's why she gave me those clothes that are unfit to her since i was more skinny than her. She gave those clothes as a gifts. And it feels like I went to Korea for window shopping.

Here are some photos of mine using those clothes that are made from Korea. I used it anytime & anywhere I go...

I used this pants because it is very comfy it was come with blue color and that is my favorite color too..

fifty percent is the brand name

I feel sexy with short that are short... *_^

AING Company ,Vintage 1979

They are smooth to wear...

I feel warm with this jacket
They are so simple yet very fashion. I used to wear these clothes because I feel comfortable. I love Korean Fashion and wish to go to korea and visit the places where I can buy this clothes that are come in different style.

And lastly, I want to thank for this gifts. This are special to me.

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