Thursday, October 10, 2013

HANGUL DAY ( 한글날 )Guess what letter is this?

October 9 was a very historical event for Korean people because it was the foundation of their language.

The Korean alphabet called Hangul originally transcribed as Hangeul (한글) for South Korea and Chosongul  (조선글) for North Korea. Han ( means "great" and Geul ()   a native Korean word for "script".It was promulgated by SEJONG the GREAT, the fourth King of Joseon Dynasty. 

Hangul has 24 alphabets including consonants and vowel letters. It was grouped into blocks instead of being written sequentially like the letters of Latin alphabet. Each syllabic blocks contains of two to five letters including at least one consonant and one vowel. This blocks arranged horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom.

The following letters and clusters of letters are found in the modern script:
  • 14 consonant letters: ㄱ g, ㄴ n, ㄷ d, ㄹ l/r, ㅁ m, ㅂ b, ㅅ s, ㅇ null/ng, ㅈ j, ㅊch, ㅋ k, ㅌ t, ㅍ p, ㅎ h
  • 5 double ("tense") consonants: ㄲ kk, ㄸ tt, ㅃ pp, ㅆ ss, ㅉ jj
  • 11 consonant clusters: ㄳ gs, ㄵ nj, ㄶ nh, ㄺ lg, ㄻ lm, ㄼ lb, ㄽ ls, ㄾ lt, ㄿ lp, ㅀlh, ㅄ bs
  • 6 vowel letters: ㅏ a, ㅓ eo, ㅗ o, ㅜ u, ㅡ eu, ㅣ i
  • iotized vowels (with a y): ㅑ ya, ㅕ yeo, ㅛ yo, ㅠ yu
  • 5 (iotized) diphthongs: ㅐ ae, ㅒ yae, ㅔ e, ㅖ ye, ㅢ ui
  • 6 vowels and diphthongs with a w: ㅘ wa, ㅙ wae, ㅚ oe, ㅝ wo, ㅞ we, ㅟ wi

It was very interesting to learn Korean alphabet, isn't it? I made a self studied on how to learn the strokes in writing their alphabets.  As they celebrate their Hangul Day I get myself a picture representing a one letter for Korean alphabet. 

Guess what letter is this?

This picture represent the letter H which was written like this in Hangul ㅎ.  It was a snapshot after we ate dinner and I'm about to wash the dishes. hehehe,.. I just remember that it was Hangul Day 10/09  in Korea. This will show my support and love for Korea. But this picture has own meaning. I entitled this as "The Great Supper"  and it will present family value.

Here is a link to know more about Korean Language


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