Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Eating together with family, love one's and with friends are priceless things compare to the price of what you are eating, right? In one table, people are reuniting and that was the best thing because people are gathered as one family and shared the tastes of joy and happiness in one's life.

This time, I want to share of some moments shared by my best friend. I'm happy for my best friend for what life she have now. I know each of us are blessed together with our circles of friends. Though we are miles away to each other we find ways to keep in touch. And that was one thing that makes our friendships going strong.

Here, let's see her what she has been eating at KOREANA BBQ and whom she was with...hehehe

... i can feel the taste just by looking at it... whoa, this soup is great

Hey!Best friend(the first lady in front with dark blue color shirt) take a look here....

Guys take it easy...hehehe

KOREANA BBQ front view....Let's take a picture... 1,2,3 smile....^_^

Spend some of your time with your love ones to make it more valuable and precious moments.

Here's a link on how to visit KOREANA BBQ.

They provide Korean cuisine at vibrant city in Western City in Canada.

Photo Credit: Marina Yao Baytoc via Facebook

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