Monday, October 28, 2013

My New Collection | A Korean Product

For me, who really in love with Korea I always dream't of going to South Korea someday and visits their beautiful country. I want to see what's with Korea? I know many people around the world are crazy over Korea, just like me. lol... I want to experience their delicacies and I want to go shopping..hehehe,, But for now..I, who never yet experience in going Korea, I always find ways to get in touch with Korea because Korea was getting already into my nerve. This time I added a new thing for my Korean product collection. It is for my fashion collection. And this is like for a young girly things. I don't know if this will suit to my age using like this. 

Cutie cute cute...

I was just roaming around in Meilun Traditional Market in Hualien County Taiwan when I saw this store. First, I approached the seller because I saw a leopard boots which I need in a beauty search this coming December 2013. But suddenly this headband caught my eyes because I saw the tag that has a Hangul characters so I easily thought it was made from Korea. I cannot get over it because I was already addicted about Korea, my craziness...right? So I bought this black headband and I feel happy.  I bought this for 50NT(Taiwan Dollar).It was cheap but elegant and cute. It comes with a black side ribbon which I thought it will be suited if I used simple mini dress. I imagined it was cute just like this headband.

What was written in there? can't read...

Sometimes you have to treat yourself with your hard works. You go and buy for yourself. Or something that makes you happy. That's why I bought this as a treat for myself and I just love South Korea and no one can stop me for loving it.

Here are 2 ways on how I wore this black headband.

Feeling pretty....

I wore it for my head and in my forehead. It looks good and look like a princess. Well, whatever you wear just carry on it. Makes the best out of it. And always be pretty inside and out.


  1. What a lovely headband *w* !!!
    I have a similar one , but the ribbon is smaller :)
    Anyway I am a South Korea lover as well and I hope to visit this beautiful Country sooner or later <3

    1. thank you chibilaria ^^,, yeah you're right it's lovely and cute... me too, much much in love with South Korea...


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