Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spicy Korean Noodles....SUPERHOTLICIOUS!!

One of my addiction is eating different variety and different flavored instant noodles, because it easy to prepare and cook. When your late at work and there's no much time to prepare breakfast just grab this things, add water and you can fill your stomach.

This time I want to try noodles that something different to what I usually eat. But before that, I want to share how I found it. Every month there are fliers delivered in our house. Then I'm looking it one by one because that time, I have nothing to do. And from the fliers, I saw this Korean Noodle. The only word came to my mouth was if I was really surprised about the noodles. The noodle named in Hangul characters so I already guessed that it was from Korea. And me who was addicted to noodles, I suddenly feel hungry and I want to taste this kind of noodle. So I decided to go and went straight from the grocery store and buy this noodle. Just try for a change..hehehe

ramyun anytime anywhere...

By seeing the package, you can already feel how spicy it was. But nonetheless you must try if how it  really taste. This noodle was spicy kimchi flavored. I already tasted many kind of noodles but actually my favorite was seafood and beef flavored noodles. Seafood flavor makes me satisfied and feel good while beef flavor makes my stomach full but of course they are still the same in purpose, they filled my hungry stomach...hehehe.

Here is the easy steps on how to cook this noodle according to it's package.
  1. In the boiling water of 550cc, put the noodles or ramen, seasoning and condiments for 4 minutes and you can now enjoy the orthodox and delicious Korean spicy noodles.
  2. Can be added with eggs, green onions, vegetables etc. to make it more delicious.
That's how easy to cook this spicy Korean Noodle. Well let see if it will satisfied me...

The taste is OMG superhotlicious... I feel my ears are burning...hahaha, the taste is good but it was really spicy. I need water... For those who are good eating spicy foods you can try this noodle. I'm sure you will like the spiciness of this noodle just add vegetables to make it more delicious. I don't know if I can try this again. Maybe I will try and find another Korean noodles because I'm not good in spicy foods.

This instant noodle was imported from Korea. It was product by OTTOGI Co. LTD.  We thanks for them because we have the chance to taste Korean products without going in their country. 

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