Friday, May 30, 2014

Amazingly Stone Art Display in Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum

Wo de pengyou ni hao? "How are you my friend?" Here was another strolling story of mine in Hualien County, Taiwan.

Hualien County, Taiwan was known for it's stone industrial. And as I know it was the home of the dancing stone because everywhere in this county you can see huge sculptured stones especially in park areas. And in this county you can see many factories of stones or marbles that's why it was known for it's stone industrial.

Check this out...

Back View of Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum : Night scene
In front view of Hualien County stone Sculpture Museum : Day Scene

Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum was the only museum that was dedicated for stone art carving. All sculpture that was being displayed here was the best and work collections from International Stone Sculpture Festival.

There are several areas in this museum which you can visit including:

  • Collection area
  • First planned exhibition area
  • Modern stone sculpturing area
  • Traditional stone sculpturing area
  • Video/audio area
Beside from displaying the stone archaeological treasures, there are also gallery for the national and international stone carving artisan.

Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum. (inside display)

Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum. (outside display)

It was really a great pieces of art. I was amazed by this stone sculpture.

Picture below was another two stone sculpture gazebo. It was great because you can try the stone bench chair.

And the best of all was this stallion art. Who ever made this, it was amazingly superb for him. It was one of bloody effort i think. I wonder if how many days,months or even a year for making this. Just a big WOW for this....

Just beside of the main building you can see this Hualien map and you can find also other beautiful spots here in Hualien County.

There are two main building here, the left wing is the City Library and right wing is the Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum. The combination of the two building was giving the power of books and arts, right guys?

Who ever wants to visit this place, here are some information.

Address: #8 Wenfu St., Hualien City, Hualien County, TW (R.O.C)
Tel. Service : +886 38 227 121

Info. Credit : Hualien Tourists Servive Network
Photo Credit : Hualien Tourists Service Network(w/o watermarked pictures)

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