Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hualien Summer Festival 2014 Free Concert and Live in MTV Taiwan

Yahooo... I'm just so so alive and enthusiastic because we experienced  more than 1 week free concert with Taiwan famous male and female artists only here in Hualien as they were celebrating their yearly summer festival.

On the first day of this said concert, we just listened a few songs and we got home early. But it was also a good experienced we got a new friend and he was a reporter for Taiwan newspaper. He took a picture of us and he featured us on his article saying that there are also friendly Filipino who joined their Festival here Hualien. (Proud to be a Filipino)

On the second day Yen- J is a big hit for us, know, we are also a girl (me and my friend Rizzel). He was good in playing instrument  especially the piano and guitar, and well every girls easily falls for the man who loves playing this kind of instruments. And of course he was good looking guy especially in person.

There are many artists who came and sing their hit songs but we observed that Amei was the most influential to them as we do also. When she went to the stage and started to sing, the people are getting high and more energetic until her last song. Well, she's really a good singer. She's rocking the stage... She's rockin' so good...
A-Mei (Chinese: 阿妹; pinyin: Ā Mèi) (stylized as "a MEI" since 2014), also known by her Chinese name Zhang Hui-mei (traditional Chinese: 張惠妹; simplified Chinese: 张惠妹; pinyin: Zhāng Huìmèi), is an aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and occasional songwriter. She is also known by her birth name Kulilay Amit (traditional Chinese: 古歷來·阿蜜特; simplified Chinese: 古历来·阿蜜特). She was born in the rugged mountains of eastern Taiwan (mainly at Taitung) and is the third youngest of nine siblings. A-mei made her debut in the world of music in 1996, achieving rapid commercial success. She has been called a diva of the Mandarin pop music scene and the "Pride of Taiwan".[citation needed] She has won numerous music awards and is extremely popular within Mandarin-speaking world. And she's one of the judges in the famous singing contest VOICE China.

Here are the food stall where you can buy  if your hungry and there are also games if you like to have more fun with your friends. It's just besides the concert area.

Together with my friend Rizzel, we almost got the perfect attendance for this free concert,,anyway it's free,right?LOL!!! We enjoyed and having so much fun because we do a lot things that we have same thing in common.

We met Malwinka a foreign exchange student here in Hualien and she was from Poland.

Me and my friend Rizzel.
Anyway thanks to our employers for being so kind to us because they let us watched the concert. And supposedly I want to post this while the concert is still on going but i don't have much time. Sorry about that guys.... maybe next time i will try my best so that you will be informed and can watch it live.

Credit Info: Amei Wikipedia.

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