Friday, October 11, 2013

Exploring Qixing Lake (Qixingtan) Scenic Area

I've got an impressive view the first time I went here. I like the atmosphere because it was very relaxing, refreshing and soul healing though it was a little bit rainy when I went there. It was foggy because it's late winter season and it is a little bit cold. But I was very excited that time because I feel free from work stress..hehehe

Qixing Lake or Qixingtan (pronounce as Chisingtan) is located in Beipu Village, Xincheng Township, in the northeast of Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan. Visitors can go there via Meilun Industrial Park by following the directions or signs in front of  National Hualien University of Education.

Most I like here is the green environment. I feel good to see this kind of  surroundings.
Breathtaking View
In history, Qixing Lake (Qixingtan) is a poetic name in Chinese. It is said that there are scattered lake around the National Hualien University of Education and Hualien Airport. They were filled before as a result of construction. Today, Qixing Lake or Qixingtan area refers to the district located in the north of Meilun Industrial Park and Hualien Airport. There are sea valleys formed by faults and elegant bays with natural landscapes and culture resources. From Qixing Lake people can look over Qingshui Cliff. At night, people can appreciate the lights of the new city and Zongde District. 

There are many sightseeing spots in the area for recreational and educational field trip.

Pretty Good... <3
Qixing Lake (Qixingtan) Scenic Area was designated for the bicycle touring as well as walking or jogging.
There are many visitors going here and taking a walk together with their families and friends.

And one of the most visited here in Hualien are the stones with different shapes and sizes. Here in Qixing Lake there are many scattered stones of art. They are just amazing. It is  a masterpiece.
Happy Me ^_^

The big stone behind me is a masterpiece. It was impressive work.  It's not just stone. actually that was made by two big stones and they put together and it was standing in balance. Actually by looking it nearly there are many curves from that big stones..

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