Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Liquor Aroma of TTL Hualien Distillery

Last week I posted about Qilaibi Lighthouse a three minutes away from it there is this place TTL Hualien Distillery Products Promotion Center. Here you can buy their liqour products.

Their entrance was painted with tribal color of Amis culture where in here in Hualien you can meet a lot of Ameizu or amis people, indigenous people of Taiwan. You can also see the painting dance movement of Amis in their different costume. Amis people are hard working much like they always drink wine especially when they are off from working.

Beside of the main entrance of the store there is this molded jar and they shape it like a person and it was too cute to take a picture with it.

Outside you can see displayed  molded jars where in we know  that in the past  many breweries used this to stock the wines until it will ripen.
There is also this sign board wherein you can see how they process craft beer from raw products to finished products.

I roamed into it's surrounding and there you are a two giant gold fish,  a gazeeboo and a fish pond .

Inside of the promotion center you can see a lot of liqour products of TTL. Containers are in different shape, colors and packages. But have this one which caught by my eyes. A bottle of liqour  inside of it was a dragon shape and guess how much it is? It cost 5000 Taiwan Dollar. LOL, expensive!

While exploring inside I saw a corner where they display the history of how they start the brewery. I can see some old typewriter, old telephone, old documents and a rice in a canister.

There is a wooden table and bench where you can take a rest while enjoying some ice cream and handmade cookies. Prices are varied depend on the ice cream you want to buy.

Sorry I did not buy wine. I just there to look what inside. hahaha... But for those who want liquor go there and buy.

Location: No. 6 Meigong Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
Website : Hualien Distillery

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