Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where to find a Cozy and Affordable Aroma Therapy in Taitung.

Feeling heavy?or just simply want to relax and reflex your body?Here is my recommendation for you..

This is how may Aroma House will give you. They have a good service and friendly masseur.

It was totally hand massage and I'm surely you will feel awesome. Above pictures, this place is for upper body massages including neck, shoulder, back, hand and head.

They used these organic therapy oil for massaging which made in 100% herbal plants from St. Mary's Farm. The three bottles in the center are used for relaxation before the body massages will start...and these oil therapy named as happiness, ease, and love. The big bottles side by side is used for body massaging and they have a named  which is based on the oil formula.

They used this comb like for head massages but it also can used for body.

Inside the room you can see this healing candle to get some relaxation matching with a peaceful musics.

The day of my learning and practicing the aroma therapy massage. Left Picture: Learning inside the Aroma House. Right Picture : Outreach Program free body massage in Jiben Village for the Paiwan aboriginal people. And I'm so stiff which my teachers usually noticed...Lol,,,more practice. There must be a body's like dancing slowly...

My friendly teachers..
For the back, shoulder,hand and head massage is NT 500 for 30 mins. and for the whole body is NT 1500 .

Address: #106 Xinyi Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan.

Service Rate : 5/5

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taitung County台東縣 / 臺東縣 for First the Time

October 12, 2015, it is the first day to set my footsteps with this unfamiliar place. Of course many things and questions are popping into my mind. Is there any special about Taitung? Is just a question in my mind. I travel to Taitung County for one big reason, learning Aroma Therapy. Even though it's not my reason to really roam around Taitung, indeed I'm still curious about this place.
Flag of Taitung County
Photo Credit : Taitung County, Taiwan
Taitung County ( 台東縣 / 臺東縣 ) is the third largest county located in the eastern coast of Taiwan. It is also known as HOUSHAN ( 後山 ) by many locals, which means mountain. Taitung County is divided into 1 city, 2 urban townships and 13 rural townships.

Took this photo while I'm on the train..just mesmerized by the mountain formation.
Taitung is the home of most aboriginal people including Bunun, Paiwan, Rukai, Amis, Puyuma, Tao and Kavalan. I also met some Penan aboriginal people. Because Taitung possess the most aboriginal people, I think their life style is so slow, their life is more on aboriginal cultures. The high density of aboriginal population brings Taitung vivid colors of cultural resources which is an advantage to Taiwan on preserving cultures and ethnics.

Rice fields
Travelling to Taitung County from Hualien County by train (bullet train) is about one and half hour. And I paid two single journey tickets for NT 343 from Hualien to Yilan Station to Taitung Train Station.

Me going to Taitung county
I went there to get some training on Aroma Therapy which is very important for us who take care for the old people. Actually my employer arranged it for me and I'm so lucky to be given this kind of opportunity. Even if  I'm not familiar with the place I still have the courage to go and gain some experience which I actually enjoyed it much.

Taitung is the home of pollution free. I can say it because here is not crowded. Not so many vehicles. Feel free to express yourself along with the natural environment. Taitung is pretty good.

Next post will be my stay in Aroma House, so stay tune...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

117th Philippine Independence Day

Hi everyone....yeah, it's been a long time since my last blog post and actually this post was happened almost one month ago.

Through the sponsorship of Fareastone Telecom in Taiwan, this 117th Philippine Independence Day celebration was a successful. And by this time they make it more colorful and meaningful. With the theme Masskara Festival, one of the most prestigious festival in the Philippines and was originated in Bacolod.

Masskara Festival was the main contest event in this celebration.


Masskara Festival was born during the period of crisis in Bacolod, Philippines. Many people in Bacolod much relied with sugar cane product but due to the American introduction of sugar substitute and the sugar cane price became low. And during that year there was a tragedy including prominent families from Bacolods.  From the City of Smiles,the local government and civic groups decided to hold a festival of smiles to cheer up the Bacolodians from the gloomy atmosphere.

In additional there are Pinoy celebrity guests including Mr. Sam Milby and Birdy, she gain popularity after the Superstar singing contest here in Taiwan. and now she's releasing her solo album "I'm BIRDY".

This was happened last July 17, 2015 in TIME SQUARE No. 161, Sec. 1 Zhongshan Rd. Banqiao District, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Though it's a little bit sunny in the morning till noon,, we enjoyed a lot but too the bad, in the afternoon the rain was we decided to go home with the my companions.

Filipino Community in Hualien Taiwan delegates.

I'm Proud to Be PINOY!!!

For more information about the history of Masskara Festival (Philippines) pls. visit this website and also PHILIPPINE TOURISM

Photo Credit : EEC Taiwan

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FUN-tastic Hualien Farglory Ocean Park

Hualien Farglory Ocean Park is a 51 hectare Taiwan's first water theme park focusing on marine ecology.
View from the top while riding into a cable.

The only theme park that combines with the nature park and to a Victorian- style resort hotel. One of the strongest draw of the park is its  sea mammal performances which many of the visitors really wants to see.
Dolphin Show
So cute.... 
During our tour we fetch the time for the dolphin show and it was really amazing. Actually we went there in the holiday season which is Chinese New Year. Expected that there are many excursionist during this season. It was enjoyable and it was worth your visit especially if you came from far places. And we enjoyed much because the weather is really great.
Me on "The Crystal Castle Theater"
After lunch we went to " The Crystal Castle Theater " to watch the theatrical show. Take some pictures at the castle then we went to underground water park which mainly focusing on rides with the theme of sea creatures.

Main Attractions of Hualien Farglory Ocean Park :

  • Dolphin and sea lion shows - can get up close with these sea mammals.
  • Fly Across the Ocean - by getting a cable ride you can get a chance to look to the entire park and you can enjoy the waves of ocean which just very near to the park.
  • Pirate of El Dorado - extreme rides.
  • Aquarium - can see the different species of sea creatures like fishes, live corals, sharks,and many more.
Sorry for the poor camera lens...
My friends Chah & Sel


Location : 
NO. 189, Fude, Yanliao Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County, Taiwan

Direction for Transportation :
Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su-ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 11


From Taipei International Airport fly to Hualien on TransAsia Airways.
From Kaohsiung International Airport fly to Hualien on Mandarin Airlines.
Hualien Airport

Take a train to Hualien Railway Station, continue by Hualien Bus (torward Jingpu & Taitung) to Hualien Farglory Ocean Park.

Entrance fee for adults: 890 Taiwan Dollar(there are age bracket for paying the entrance fee)

Info Credit:

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