Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adventure in Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch and Resort

Off to work was one of the best day I ever had. The day I enjoy and having so much fun because it was time to travel and discover such beautiful and good places. And here I am again sharing another adventure of mine here in Hualien County, Taiwan. Hualien County has many tourist attractions and beautiful spots that you can go and visit. And one of the best place I visited was SHIN KONG CHAO FENG RANCH AND RESORT which was located in the Fenglin Township, Hualien County.
The splendid European garden at the entrance of ChaoFeng Ranch.
Photo Credit : Hualien Tourists Service Network
Shin Kao Chao Feng Ranch and Resort has a total land area of 726 hectares. Imagine how wide it is,, so let's check it out what's with this area.

What's in with that area?
  • Agriculture - they have their agriculture area which you can see a greenery which they use for feeding the animals and they have also different seasonal fruit trees such as guavas, star fruits, lemons, oranges, and peaches.
  • Forestry - on your way visiting the different areas you can enjoy the trees which planted on the sidewalks and feel the cool air of the environment.
  • Animal Husbandry or the Petting Zoo - they have many kind of  animals and you can get more closer to them like ostrich,camel,reindeer,horse, rabbit,monkeys,foxes,etc.
  • Bird Park - pet lovers will really love this. Many kinds of birds are here which you can enjoy seeing the different colors and hearing their loudly chirp.
  • Landscape - beautify not only the front view but the entire area of this resort ranch.
  • Educational planting of medicinal herbs and flower beds.
  • Other facilities which includes camping and barbecue area, creek stocked with loaches to catch and visitor center.
My camera click..
Bed of flowers and medicinal plant area
Greenery fields
Migratory Bird...

Real racoon...

There are also resemblance of foreign marks that you can see in Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch and Resort and some of them are:
Europian replicas but this year 2013 this marked was already demolished because of road development. 

touch of Holland Architecture... a windmill
Washington Monument
Front view which resemble the white House in america.It was the information center and the souvenir shop.
Very interesting place. A place where you can relax, feel and enjoy God's creature. There was also a difference if you go for summer or winter season because there are seasonal fruits and seasonal flowers to bloom. You can tour the area by renting bicycle or buggy or you can also walking for an exercise. But if you have short time visit or you wish not to get tired you can choose and rent the buggy to drive and tour the entire place. Tasting the home made ice cream is one thing you shouldn't miss. It was made from fresh milk coming from the cows. It was really delicious and tasty. 
delicious ice cream
ice cream house
There are also interesting places you can see
Jurassic Park
Can see this in front of the ranch
With panda's...haha,,
For me who visited for only short time I didn't see all the areas. But I still enjoyed and I get another strength from nature.

How to get there:
Address: No. 20 Yongfu Street, Fenglin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan.

Visit this website for more info. Hualien Tourists Service Network
Photos without watermarked was credited to: Interesting Green


  1. Great and interesting photos !!! Hualien County must be such nice place and I am glad you had fun there ^-^
    I was surprised about European replicas :D

    1. Me again hehehe ^-^ !!! I don't know if you already received this award, but I nominated you in the Liebster Award . You can read more informations HERE .

    2. Thank you so much Chibilaria for your nomination...*_^ I enjoyed a lot here in Hualien County. I'm sorry for late reply because our organization here are busy gathering donations for the victims of super typhoon Haiyan in my country Philippines.

  2. Hi! great resort seems like a such a nice place to visit and the European replicas are just wow ! You have a nice blog, I like the pictures of the places you go to visit ^^!


    1. Thank you HonneJihen...yes,i'ts nice to visit this place.. Pls. do join my site and I will join you back on your blogsite.,,nice to meet you..^^


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