Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Korean Taste Near Me

Korea is a thousand miles away from me. I'm longing to go in this country because Korea inspired me a lot. It was my first reason that I started this blog site because of Korea.

Outside or inside South Korea has a lot to offer. They have many beautiful tourists spot to visit and many Korean cuisines to taste. Being far away into this country is not a reason or stopping me to taste their food delicacies. Yes, I found them in grocery stores and in convenient stores.

Here are some of the food and snacks that I spotted.

A 한국 떡볶이 or a Korean sticky rice cake that was cooked in spicy sauce. Maybe someday I will cook this but I need to learn first the steps on how to cook this. You can find this food in many Korean streets.

This is very well known not only in Korea but also in many different countries across Korea. KIMCHI 김치 represent any Korean table.

Korean Noodles (라면) they are becoming popular especially kimchi flavors.

This is very special delicacy from Jeju, the Jeju Dried Radish Slices Kimchi

Well I enjoyed a lot of this Korean products. I can't wait to go in Korea to taste the real Korean cuisines.. I'm hoping it next year...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amis Museum in Hualien City

Amis or Amei-zu  ( 阿美族 ) is one of the officially recognized aboriginal people of Taiwan which commonly applied in reference to the indigenous people of Taiwan. There are 14 recognized tribes and 11 unrecognized tribes of aboriginal people in Taiwan.
A pre-WW11 post card
Photo Credit: Amis People

About Amis People

According to Taiwanese Aboriginal History Amis people are classified into groups.
  • Northern Group (located in Chihlai / Hualien Plain)
  • Middle Group (located to the West Coastal Mountains)
  • Coastal Group(located to the East Coastal Mountains)
  • Falangaw Group(located bet. Chengkong and The Taitung Plain)
  • Hengchun Group(located on the Hengchun Peninsula)
*Classification is just based on the geographical distribution and tribal migration and it does not observed differences in culture, language and physique.

Since I was in Hualien County in Taiwan , Amis people here are the northern group of Amis. Hualien is where the most numbers of Amis people. They are living in Ji'an Township according to the grandma that I interviewed because she is also an Amis person.
Amis in wall paint
I got interested with their culture because it has similarities with Igorot tribe in my country not only their costumes but also the way of living and even with the language. But in the history Falangaw group is most likely the same with Filipinos.

I dropped by one of the Amis museum featuring their handy crafts and paintings which represent their way of living.
Amis Museum

Paintings :

Handy crafts:

Visiting in museum places are good because it is where you can experience going back to the first generation of people.

You can visit this museum just beside of Hualien County Sculpture Museum with this adress # 8 Wenfu St., Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan R.O.C

Info Credit : Wikipedia Amis people

Monday, June 16, 2014

OFW's Celebrate the 116th Philippine Independence Day in Taiwan

Overseas Filipino Workers ( OFW ) in Taiwan celebrated the 116th Philippine Independence Day in Banqiao, New Taipei on July 15, 2014.

About Philippine Independence Day

Independence Day is Araw ng Kasarinlan also known as Araw ng Kalayaan in Filipino term which literally means "Day of Freedom". It was a national holiday were Filipinos commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain which observed on June 12.

We, Filipinos in every part of Taiwan gathered and unified as one to celebrate this day of freedom. It was very memorable experienced especially for us Filipino Community in Hualien, Taiwan delegates. We wake up early about 4:00 in the morning because we want also to be part of the celebration. We travel by bus about 4 hrs from Hualien to Taipei. Even though we experienced dizziness in travelling 2 hrs. zigzag road still we enjoyed this journey and it was a great experienced for us.
Filipino Community in Hualien Taiwan delegates

The celebration was started by a Catholic mass followed by the program featuring Filipino cultures from different Filipino groups and organizations working here in Taiwan.

Opening Remarks by our Department of Labor and Employment Director in Taiwan and Tourism Organization and Taiwanese friends.

There was also a parade from different Filipino basketball teams because it was also the opening of IF Basketball League.
IF Basketball League
 Next was the presentation of Filipino cultures joined by Cordillera Group, Ilonggo Seafarers Org., Ilonggo Foundation and many more...

Choir members wearing Philippine costume 
Because it was also the celebration of Migrant Workers day they brought  also ABS- CBN Kapamilya Network celebrities for more fun and enjoyment.

One of the highlight event featuring Doris and Sabel "Pambansang Katulong" through Kapamilya Network telenovela Be Careful with My Heart where they act as caretakers. And also they brought Billy Joe Crawford a PhilAm singer actor, and host.

There are also different booths where you can subscribe TFC or The Filipino Channel to make sure Filipino feel at home while watching Kapamilya telenovelas. There are also payment booth for those who want to pay their GSIS, SSS and PhilHealth.This are government agencies where they encourage Filipinos to join for more benefits. There is the booth of The Migrants, a Filipino newspaper. And there is also food booth for those who miss Filipino foods.

I'm proud to say PILIPINO AKO.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Korea, the Ideal Travel Destination for Cosmopolitan Travelers

Korea, the Ideal Travel Destination for Cosmopolitan Travelers! / “Wondrous K-Beauty”

Cosmopolitan travelers are choosing Korea as their vacation destination. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience beauty, fashion, fine dining, and tourist attractions on your trip to Korea!

Find Your Inner and Outer Beauty in Korea

Reconnect with beauty through these popular cosmetics items and spa programs!

Shop in one of Seoul’s Top Districts

These famous districts are a must for shoppers in the capital!

Visit Tasty and Stylish Eateries

See stunning scenes at the recommended night view restaurants, explore unique café streets, or take a late night food tour!

Discover the City’s True Hotspots

Visit some of the top destinations in and near Seoul
Travel Now to Discover Korea and Be Inspired ^_^

Sources : KTO Official Page




Korean Names : Who's Not Curios?

I am really curios about Korean names. It was because sometimes it's hard to know who is he or she and Korean people have almost the same names especially when it comes to their family name.

Well, let's figure it out...

Generally, Korean names were composed of three syllables. If it was written in Korea, family name goes first before the given name unlike Western and some Asian countries it was opposite where family name comes at the end.


Lee Minho is a South Korean singer-actor who is very popular not only Asian countries but also to Western countries. This name, Lee is a family name and Min Ho is the given name. And for those who are not familiar in Korean names like me, there are no middle name included in their real name. And another point of difference is that same name is rarely passed down from one generation to other generation.

Most Korean family names are only one syllable. Most common family names are Lee, Park, Kim, and Choi. And there are 250 Korean family names approximately. There are also family names that are in two syllables but it was rarely.

It is said to be that Korean names has it's own meaning. But most of it was based on Chinese characters. But it said that in recent years more and more Korean people are opting to Hangeul names. Chinese symbol have own meaning and Korean names  have deep significance. And now many of them used Hangeul names with deep meaning.


Many of Korean parents are trying to give a good name to their children in order for them to live a joyous, healthy and successful in their life. And it was because parents believe that their child fortune was determined by their names.

To know more about Korean Customs and  Beliefs just click the link:
Korean Customs and Beliefs

Info Credit: KTO Official page

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Food Trip in Zi Qiang Night Market 自强夜市

I've been here in Taiwan for almost 2 yrs. but I never yet gone far to taste their different delicacies. Stir fry was the most familiar technique for Taiwanese/Chinese food neither meat or vegetables.

Night Market ( 夜市 : Yèshì ) are well known here in Taiwan and it's one of the place where you can  try different kind of Taiwan food and drinks.

Zi Qiang Night Market ( 自強夜市 : Zìqiáng yèshì) was one of the most popular night market in Hualien County, Taiwan. 

Let's check it out...

There are many skewered food stall but actually this foods are deeply fried. There are skewered tofu, squid, bell pepper, mushroom,chicken and etc. Before,I was confused the first time I bought because all I thought it will be grilled..innocent me. Well, I need to experienced such thing to adapt their culture,right guys?

Another food that are common to them are steamed buns. But if you want more delicious you can buy this  steamed bun with fillings inside. There are different fillings and it depends on what do you want to eat. But for me, the best was pork fillings, vegetables which include the cabbage, rice noodle and egg. Regular steamed bun will be estimated cost about 12TWD per piece.

And guys don't miss this food (picture below) it was stinky tofu. Though it has stinky smell, once you taste it I'm sure you will love it. This estimated cost about 50 TWD per serving.

If you want rice there are also a lot of rice food stalls especially noodle stalls. Estimated cost is around 60 TWD to 100 TWD depends on the dish. Estimated cost for noodles is around 35 TWD to 60 TWD depends on what kind of noodle.

There are also fresh sea foods but make sure you bring more money. It will costs you a lot...LOL

The most common drinks was red tea, black tea or green tea and of course sweet juices that are freshly made with fruits and other delicious beverages.

Good for pasalubong, a tagalog term for "take home" food or things.
made in peanut,sesame seed and many more..

I also spotted this... Chopstick! This will be a good souvenir for those tourist who will make a visit this night market since it was also visualized food in night market. This chopstick cost about 100 TWD for 3 pairs and 60 TWD with beautiful cloth packing.

Zi Qiang Night Market was just 10 to 15 mins. away from Hualien Station. The opening was around 5pm to 12 midnight.

Any query you can just call this service.
Tel. service from Hualien Tourist Service Network: +886 38 322141
Location: Intersection of Zi qiang Rd. and Heping Rd., Ji'an Township, Hualien County, TW.

Note: Prices may vary from other store.

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