Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Korean Taste Near Me

Korea is a thousand miles away from me. I'm longing to go in this country because Korea inspired me a lot. It was my first reason that I started this blog site because of Korea.

Outside or inside South Korea has a lot to offer. They have many beautiful tourists spot to visit and many Korean cuisines to taste. Being far away into this country is not a reason or stopping me to taste their food delicacies. Yes, I found them in grocery stores and in convenient stores.

Here are some of the food and snacks that I spotted.

A 한국 떡볶이 or a Korean sticky rice cake that was cooked in spicy sauce. Maybe someday I will cook this but I need to learn first the steps on how to cook this. You can find this food in many Korean streets.

This is very well known not only in Korea but also in many different countries across Korea. KIMCHI 김치 represent any Korean table.

Korean Noodles (라면) they are becoming popular especially kimchi flavors.

This is very special delicacy from Jeju, the Jeju Dried Radish Slices Kimchi

Well I enjoyed a lot of this Korean products. I can't wait to go in Korea to taste the real Korean cuisines.. I'm hoping it next year...

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