Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[EVENT] Global WOW Korea | I Definitely Want to Visit Korea because....

"It's better to see it once rather than heard it a million times." Korea is my imagination but I want this imagination to be real that's why I will definitely want to visit and see Korea as possible.

Photo Credit: KTO
There are many reasons why I love to travel and see the beauty of  what the world may bring to us. I deeply in love with Korea and it's one of the best reason that I got inspired to wrote my travel getaways. I was really amazed how beautiful Korea is. 

South Korea is on my first wish list to visit if I had given the chance. You want to know why?

Korea has it's own unique diversity.When it comes to it's beautiful places, Korea has a natural beauty. There are places that you can experience the traditional village from Joseon dynasty and traced the Korean thousand years of history. Though there is a place that holds sadness over division of Korea there is also a place that you can spend the peaceful time inside nature gifted territory. Korea, a city that embrace the future, a town behind modern times and a street that lights up of it's people.

Namsan Tower at night.
Tranquility in Jecheon Chungcheongbukdo, SK

When it comes to their rich culture, I am eagerly to learn more about it and tell the world how much they value their traditions. One of the things that I need to do if I have given the chance to visit Korea is to wear their traditional Korean costume, the Hanbok which I have seen it in many historical Korean dramas and movies. I can see the vibrant color and how graceful it is. What about staying in a Hanok Village? Yes, I definitely want to experience the past lifestyle of  Korea.And what about traditional Korean food? Oh well....who doesn't want food,right? Korea has it's own style of table setting which make you drooling. Many delicious foods are there in the table. Korea was known to be the land of Kimchi-licious.

This are the reasons why I love Korea. And it's my dream to set a footsteps in the Land of Morning Calm. I haven't been there but nothing is impossible, I will do my best and make this wish come true.

#WOW KOREA event is one way to make your dreams impossible to possible.
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So what are you waiting for? Come and join guys...

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Because it's the First Time | YUKO FESTIVAL in Hualien County, TW

 " Small packages comes with a big thing. " Yeah, sometimes you don't have to be extravagant to experienced some things that are unforgettable.

HUALIEN YUKO FESTIVAL gives you an experience that is so memorable for those who went and interested about it. Earlier I posted about this event and now I will tell you what I experienced. So expect many photos of me.

Pretty, prettier, prettiest, who?sshhh....

This is us, I'm not belong to them because they are the ayi's (mandarin for aunt) who performed a traditional Japanese dance. I just make sure that I will a get a group picture of them and I got it. LOL
But the epic was I'm not prepared to wear those white white socks and my Yukata was a little bit short for me. The Yukata was a little bit insufficient to accommodate all the interested people who went for this event. And since you can wear it for 1 hour the people who comes first used the complete Yukata and the prettier one. I'm just lucky that I got the luckiest one..the red color and it makes it like Japanese - Chinese traditional costume with matching red umbrella.

Oh that kid, she's so cute...
I have no companion to take a picture of me but I'm thankful because the people are very kind to me. I asked them and they we're happily lend their help and likewise too. I took a picture of them especially if they are a group of family.

They are just so cute to not took a picture with them.

It's the entrance of the traditional house. As we can always see in many books or even in movies Japan houses usually used sliding doors and sometimes it has it's bamboo leafy print but this one is just plain. The division of the house used sliding also to get to another room just like this house,

Just another picture in front of the house.

The Traditional House
Front view

Event where there are dances and playing instruments entertainment.

 Above products is where you can buy worth of 300 TWD in exchange of wearing the Yukata, the Traditional Japanese garments. I just bought 1 item worth 299 TWD but the owner it's okay and she considered it and wrote it on the back of it's store name which you will present as ticket to wear the Yukata. Not bad, right? You have already an item and you can have memorable experienced. And of course you will presented an ID when entering and I got lucky again that I bring my passport even if I forgot my Alien Residence ID. Just a lucky day and it's the first time for me.

Next year again...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Konichiwa in Taiwanl | Bazaar Little Travel - Hualien Yuko Festival

Japanese Colony, Japanese Legacy, Japanese Era,...Who don't remember this in our history subject when we were high school? Well. I just clearly recall that it was so hard to memorized the influential names especially the years when Japan invades Philippines during World War II.

Here in Taiwan I learned that Japan was also a big part of their history. In Hualien County, eastern part of Taiwan where I am currently residing there was one of the 100 top historical place located. This historical place is The PINE GARDEN where recreational retreat for ranking military officials during the Japanese Ruling.

I don't really know what happen about Taiwan - Japanese Era but as of now there was one event that embrace the influence of Japanese culture here in Hualien County, Taiwan, the Bazaar Little Travel - Hualien Yuko Festival. This event introduces some of the handmade crafts from different experts. Spending 300 TWD  consumption from this booths you can experience wearing Japanese uniforms,Yukata & Kimono.

Japanese Traditional costume
And here' s the village where you can experience the Japanese  feel.

If you are interested, hurry and catch up! Don't miss because this event will run until tomorrow morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.



花蓮市中正路622巷6號, 970 Hualien City, Taiwan

Photo Credit :
Information Credit:  Hualien Bureau of Culture, shadowmoon Stra, & Rong Rong Hand You Travel

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Modern Toilet Restaurant | I'm so Curious....are you not?

Curiosity leads us the strong desire to discover, to know or to learn something, right? And when something very interesting we don't just let it go without  trying to know what is in there.

See this? Are you not curious?

I went off to Taipei to get may new passport that I renewed a few weeks ago. Luckily I have companion who have a friend working in Taipei that's why we get the chance of one day tour in Taipei. We went to one of the most trending restaurant because of the name and it's restaurant theme. Yes, I heard it once but actually I experienced getting there.

Modern Toilet Restaurant was a weird name for any restaurant but it was true. How can you eat food when you see urinals, toilet bowls especially poops? I think your gonna spew things on your own mouth. (laugh out loud!) But I think nothing wrong when you try and see how will your stomach go through on this.

The place was one of the busiest and crowded place in Taipei because it was where one of the biggest night market located in Taipei, the Ximending Night Market. Modern Toilet Restaurant was just around the corner and with that big white bowl you can tell that it was already their original trademark.

Whoa! As we entered we already saw toilet bowls with huge brown poop.

The Entrance
The restaurant was on the second floor and as we went upstairs we saw colored tube pipes which  has a light bulb on the end of each holes. Pretty amazing. The interior design was design as poops but actually it was very interesting and it was really fun. The wall lights and their chandeliers was all in poops even the throw pillows are all in poop shape. There was also one table that their chairs are all toilet bowls.

And because the weather is hot we ordered a big pile of ice shaved that can serve up to four person. Their choices was toilet 1, toilet 2, 3...and the difference was their choices of  ice shave toppings but it was really affordable.

Delicious ice shaved in squatting urinal!

They also serve different cook food like fries which we ordered also and some drinks. Menus are all serve in toilet bowl shape, squatting urinal, corner urinal and portable urinal.

My friends, oh well I noticed the center light was a toilet pump, right?

Pretty cool!

Souvenir corner

TaiwanToilet-Taipei Ximen
Tel. : 02-23118822

Address : 2F, No 7,Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City

Seating : 80

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday    11:30-22:00   ( Service hours   21:00)
Friday         11:30-22:30   ( Service hours   21:30)
Saturday    11:00-22:30   ( Service hours   21:30)
Sunday      11:00-22:00   ( Service hours   21:00)

For more information about Modern Toilet Restaurant just visit their official website at

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Catch up the GEN VERDE International Performing Arts "On The Other Side" Live Concert

The Gen Verde International Performing Arts Concert here in Hualien City.

GEN VERDE in HUALIEN CITY (Last song performance)

About Gen Verde

GEN VERDE is a group of musicians and performing artists distinctly with international members. The band’s original style of music has evolved with the arrival of each new member. Gen Verde’s current concert includes rock and pop rock songs often with an original twist influenced by the group’s own rich cultural and ethnic mix.

The values at the heart of Gen Verde’s artistic goal is to contribute towards creating a global culture of peace, dialogue and unity. Gen Verde offers a challenge and a solution: Change the world? Change yourself! Start now. Start here.

The current line-up is 21 women from 13 different countries. The band’s original style of music has evolved with the arrival of each new member. Gen Verde’s current concert includes rock and pop rock songs often with an original twist influenced by the group’s own rich cultural and ethnic mix.

Schedule of their performance  in Taiwan.

Gen Verde's "On the other side"


And lastly, we are at the VIP area..thanks for that precious free tickets from our boss. Tickets are available at or call 02-2341-9898

at the Concert Hall

Some of the Gen Verde's members L-R : Adriana Martins : Brazil(vocalists) Me, the two unnis from Korea Colomba Bai : Ansan, South Korea(Keyboard player and vocalist) Claritas Kim : Seoul, South Korea(vocalist) and nancy Uelmen : Los Angeles, USA (singer -songwriter/keyboard player)
Photo taken in St. Paul Pastoral Center

Their performance was  awesome!! The most amazing things is that all of them are woman and they play the instrument wonderfully. They are so cool.

And I bought their goodies as a remembrance which was available in their concert area.
Start Now..... tshirt.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Roaming and Finding the Best Food and Restaurant in Central Taitung Taiwan

I'm getting a good vibes after watching a singing contest in a television program...hehehe, so I decided to wrote this blog post. maybe I got inspired though it's not related with this program.

When travelling I'm sure travelers are not only looking for beautiful places or scenic spots, they also look for the best food, delicacies which the country or town may offers.

My past post is all about the cause of my travelling Taitung Taiwan but this time I want to share some yummy and mouth watering foods around Taitung.

This are just the food and restaurants that can be found around Central of Taitung.

My Top No. 1 choice is  the SPICY BEEF NOODLES, why?

This may look ordinary but as they say don't judge the book by it's cover. I just randomly bought this because it's my first time landing in this place and I don't know where is the best restaurant to buy an extraordinary taste but luckily this Spicy Beef Noodles make me want to go back to Taitung just for this. Yeah, right.....look at it, nothing special but when the moment you take a bite the noodles.. oh my...I can feel my taste bud are getting alive. The noodles are just so soft and chewy. Honestly I'm not a fan of eating noodles. But whoah,, I'm so excited while eating this. Well beef noodles are very known in Taiwan but I will give a 5 stars recommendation for the beef noodles in Taitung. Sad to say I didn't get the chance to get the noodle house name but I'm pretty sure you can get one.

My. Top No. 2 choice is St. Mary's Health Club Cafe and Restaurant.

Yeah, from it's restaurant name itself it's all about healthy and organic food. It's my first time to enter a restaurant which only offer a lot of vegetable dishes. This must be special especially for those who cares about their own health. From soup veggies to fruit and vegetable salad to vegetable dishes,,..this are all about vegetables. The thing that I cannot forget here is the healthiest tea that I tasted. The aroma of the mixed lemon grass and plant herbs are amazing. This restaurant is a buffet style and it was affordable healthy living style. And ca be found in No. 370, Section 2, Zhiben Rd.. Have a healthy lifestyle ^^

My Top No.3 choice was the "Sexy and Juicy" Restaurant.

The name was a little bit weird but actually from outside the restaurant you can guess what this sexy and juicy all about. This is a delicious  pig meat restaurant. I ordered their best seller and worth trying it. The top sauce is very special and yummy and it was really affordable for travelers.

Top No. 4 was hotpot/shabu shabu and lunch boxes (bientang pronounce it as pin-tang)

This is already a common around Taiwan unless otherwise it was really  special. Their lunch box is actually one of the best food because of the pelican geese, meats,chicken which deliciously cooked.

Top No. 5 are street foods located in their night market.

So if ever you go to Taitung hope you have the chance to taste really delicious food... Wish you luck travelers.....

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