Saturday, January 2, 2016

Roaming and Finding the Best Food and Restaurant in Central Taitung Taiwan

I'm getting a good vibes after watching a singing contest in a television program...hehehe, so I decided to wrote this blog post. maybe I got inspired though it's not related with this program.

When travelling I'm sure travelers are not only looking for beautiful places or scenic spots, they also look for the best food, delicacies which the country or town may offers.

My past post is all about the cause of my travelling Taitung Taiwan but this time I want to share some yummy and mouth watering foods around Taitung.

This are just the food and restaurants that can be found around Central of Taitung.

My Top No. 1 choice is  the SPICY BEEF NOODLES, why?

This may look ordinary but as they say don't judge the book by it's cover. I just randomly bought this because it's my first time landing in this place and I don't know where is the best restaurant to buy an extraordinary taste but luckily this Spicy Beef Noodles make me want to go back to Taitung just for this. Yeah, right.....look at it, nothing special but when the moment you take a bite the noodles.. oh my...I can feel my taste bud are getting alive. The noodles are just so soft and chewy. Honestly I'm not a fan of eating noodles. But whoah,, I'm so excited while eating this. Well beef noodles are very known in Taiwan but I will give a 5 stars recommendation for the beef noodles in Taitung. Sad to say I didn't get the chance to get the noodle house name but I'm pretty sure you can get one.

My. Top No. 2 choice is St. Mary's Health Club Cafe and Restaurant.

Yeah, from it's restaurant name itself it's all about healthy and organic food. It's my first time to enter a restaurant which only offer a lot of vegetable dishes. This must be special especially for those who cares about their own health. From soup veggies to fruit and vegetable salad to vegetable dishes,,..this are all about vegetables. The thing that I cannot forget here is the healthiest tea that I tasted. The aroma of the mixed lemon grass and plant herbs are amazing. This restaurant is a buffet style and it was affordable healthy living style. And ca be found in No. 370, Section 2, Zhiben Rd.. Have a healthy lifestyle ^^

My Top No.3 choice was the "Sexy and Juicy" Restaurant.

The name was a little bit weird but actually from outside the restaurant you can guess what this sexy and juicy all about. This is a delicious  pig meat restaurant. I ordered their best seller and worth trying it. The top sauce is very special and yummy and it was really affordable for travelers.

Top No. 4 was hotpot/shabu shabu and lunch boxes (bientang pronounce it as pin-tang)

This is already a common around Taiwan unless otherwise it was really  special. Their lunch box is actually one of the best food because of the pelican geese, meats,chicken which deliciously cooked.

Top No. 5 are street foods located in their night market.

So if ever you go to Taitung hope you have the chance to taste really delicious food... Wish you luck travelers.....

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