Sunday, September 29, 2013

buzz KOREA Awards 2013

Don't miss your chance to visit Korea ^_^

Participate in the buzz KOREA Awards 2013 where you can meet K-pop singers! The winners of the event will be given an award and a chance to travel in Korea for 5 nights and 6 days as a prize.: Participate in the buzz KOREA Awards 2013 where you can meet K-pop singers! The winners of the event will be given an award and a chance to travel in Korea for 5 nights and 6 days as a prize.

Here's the link and visit buzzkorea

Friday, September 27, 2013

Set Your Mine Free | Taroko National Park | Part 1: Gateway

Way back November last year  together with my sister,we decided to have a road trip. We drove a motor going there for a reason that we want to feel our nature tripping while enjoying the ride. It is one hour away from Hualien City where we are staying for our work and it's worthwhile the long one hour to reach the gateway.

Taroko National Park is one of the eight national parks of Taiwan. And the park span Taichung City, Nantou County, and Hualien County.

Sights includes:
  • Tunnel of Nine Turns
  • Eternal Spring Shrine
  • Swallow Grotto
  • Jinheng Park
  • The Bridge of the Kind Mother
  • Tiansiang
  • Jhuelu Precipice 
  • Lioufang Bridge 
  • Hill of Yu the Great
  • Bulouwan
TARAKO  means "significant and beautiful". Let's see how this Taroko was means.

Starting point to discover Taroko...
The river with sand formations and some rocks.(river view from the entrance)

Me at the entrance...with tour bus That was the tour bus of people who came from mainland China.

Beside me are the Chinese people who came from mainland China ^_^ . It's my turn to take a picture to that big stone.hehehe.

Another river view from the entrance. The river was connected to the ocean.

This is just the starting we go deep, there are more significant and more beautiful to see.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Made in Korea | Thanks for the Gifts

Since I was already a big big fan of Korea, I  always thinking of having something that are touch with Korea. I haven't tried to buy yet because I have many priority expenses. lol ^_^  I'm just waiting for the right time. And as I know their products are recommendable.

Luckily, my sisters boss is one of a kind fashion girl. She always purchased clothes through online shopping. But sometimes if we purchased online we cannot guarantee if that clothes was really fit to the actual body size even though we know our sizes. In my opinion it depends to the brand we are purchasing. Unfit clothes will happen if we don't know yet the brand and it is your first time to purchase that brand through internet. And that thing happened to my sister's boss, that's why she gave me those clothes that are unfit to her since i was more skinny than her. She gave those clothes as a gifts. And it feels like I went to Korea for window shopping.

Here are some photos of mine using those clothes that are made from Korea. I used it anytime & anywhere I go...

I used this pants because it is very comfy it was come with blue color and that is my favorite color too..

fifty percent is the brand name

I feel sexy with short that are short... *_^

AING Company ,Vintage 1979

They are smooth to wear...

I feel warm with this jacket
They are so simple yet very fashion. I used to wear these clothes because I feel comfortable. I love Korean Fashion and wish to go to korea and visit the places where I can buy this clothes that are come in different style.

And lastly, I want to thank for this gifts. This are special to me.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let's Go!! To a Korean Traditional Market

Have you ever been to a traditional market? I hope so.. because every one of us has a traditional market in our own country.

Traditional market depicts our own old style of living. But nowadays, there are now changes because of the influence of  the new era or also being already predominantly developed country.

Traditional market is where our native or raw products are being sold and likewise being consumed. Though there are now native products being sold in some malls or supermarkets. But for me, it was more spirited to buy native products in a traditional market. So, I definitely go and buy in a place where I can feel the spirit of people's hard work.

Here is a view of a traditional market somewhere in Korea where my friend took a shot while she's roaming around and looking for a place where she can spice her stomach.

Fresh Seafoods....

One way street market for dining.

Seafood Sellers are in line.

Their market was neat and cleaned. Everything was fresh that are good for our health.

Photo Credit: My friend, YU CHENG CHEN @Facebook

Thursday, September 19, 2013

KOREAN Dishes | YUMMYlicious

One of the best experience going in Korea was digging your mouth with their dishes.
My friend shared some of her snapshots of a Korean food she ate during her stayed in this country. And by just looking at it...OMO...making me so much hungry.

Here let's fill our stomach with this pictures...

Looks delicious isn't it? I'm craving... kimchi ramyun with vegetables everywhere at anytime.

What about this one... boiled korean meat with kimchi and fresh veggies to wrap up and eat it in one mouthful,,,ahhhhhh.,,nom..nom...

Who want chicken?mmm....superlicious!! KFC KFC...(Korean Fried Chicken) plain and with sauce in sprinled sesame seeds...

Healthy...healthy...healthy foods...makes my life completely ^^

Fresh love it!!!

Let's gulp the soup it up!

Craving...craving... Bibimbap

Heat it...I hear the sizzling...

Lastly...Crabs,,,OMG my favorite.

Satisfied?mmm.... Korean dishes are one of the best food. 

Credit Photos : Yu Cheng Chen @ facebook

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unforgettable Getaway in SEOUL of a Friend

I always had a great conversation to grandpa's occupational therapists teacher YU CHENG CHEN, because we have same thing in common. That is we love to talked about Korea. We always tell stories to each other about our favorite K-pop idols, we talked about Korean dishes and sometimes their rich culture. And this is the reason why I also want to share her getaway during her vacation in Seoul, South Korea.

It's been her second time visiting this beautiful country together with her co-workers. And it was really great that they enjoyed every moments they travelled the places. She really likesand loved this place. This country is now very popular because of the influence of Korean Entertainment as I know, agree?

Let's take a look...

Together with her friends... They are all looked great!!

I wish I'm with her next time she will visit Korea again.
My friend in South Korea

Source and Photo Credit: Yu Cheng Chen @ Facebook

Beauty of KOREA

NAMSAN TOWER "lock up your LOVE"

A very famous place where lovebirds, love couples, partners, girlfriends/boyfriends lock up their love. There are thousands of love padlocks that can be seen hanging around the fences base level of Namsan Tower. It is a belief or custom where those couple padlock their love and throw away the key that symbolizes their love forever.
Hope I can see you soon and I will lock up my love forever.

The Liquor Aroma of TTL Hualien Distillery

Last week I posted about Qilaibi Lighthouse  a three minutes away from it there is this place TTL Hualien Distillery Products Promotion Cent...