Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unforgettable Getaway in SEOUL of a Friend

I always had a great conversation to grandpa's occupational therapists teacher YU CHENG CHEN, because we have same thing in common. That is we love to talked about Korea. We always tell stories to each other about our favorite K-pop idols, we talked about Korean dishes and sometimes their rich culture. And this is the reason why I also want to share her getaway during her vacation in Seoul, South Korea.

It's been her second time visiting this beautiful country together with her co-workers. And it was really great that they enjoyed every moments they travelled the places. She really likesand loved this place. This country is now very popular because of the influence of Korean Entertainment as I know, agree?

Let's take a look...

Together with her friends... They are all looked great!!

I wish I'm with her next time she will visit Korea again.
My friend in South Korea

Source and Photo Credit: Yu Cheng Chen @ Facebook

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