Thursday, September 19, 2013

KOREAN Dishes | YUMMYlicious

One of the best experience going in Korea was digging your mouth with their dishes.
My friend shared some of her snapshots of a Korean food she ate during her stayed in this country. And by just looking at it...OMO...making me so much hungry.

Here let's fill our stomach with this pictures...

Looks delicious isn't it? I'm craving... kimchi ramyun with vegetables everywhere at anytime.

What about this one... boiled korean meat with kimchi and fresh veggies to wrap up and eat it in one mouthful,,,ahhhhhh.,,nom..nom...

Who want chicken?mmm....superlicious!! KFC KFC...(Korean Fried Chicken) plain and with sauce in sprinled sesame seeds...

Healthy...healthy...healthy foods...makes my life completely ^^

Fresh love it!!!

Let's gulp the soup it up!

Craving...craving... Bibimbap

Heat it...I hear the sizzling...

Lastly...Crabs,,,OMG my favorite.

Satisfied?mmm.... Korean dishes are one of the best food. 

Credit Photos : Yu Cheng Chen @ facebook


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    1. Yes.. they are all looks delicious..check my blog post in Korean cuisines, i featured one korean cuisines located there in Canada, the named was KOREANA BBQ.


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