Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lotus Farm Plaza in Ji'an Township

JI' AN TOWNSHIP has many scattered views which you can take a clicks on your camera. Mostly are scattered  farms that gives a good site into your eyes. Ji'an Township is second place inhabitants in Hualien County, Taiwan. This township has mountainsides, seashores, and a wide alluvial plain which farmers planted a wide variety of vegetables.It is famous because of the natural landscape of green mountains, crystal clear water and big blue skies which produce a truly peaceful and pastoral scene. Ji' an Township has it's own tourists attractions. One of the most visited place was the Lotus Farm or they named it as Hualien Lotus Farm Plaza.
Bright it!
Visiting this place was very relaxing. There is a hut with long bench which visitors can enjoy seeing the Lilies swaying in the breeze. This farm present a carefree and leisurely atmosphere along with the warmth welcome from the owner who gives a free Lotus tea. It is my first time to visit this place and actually it was my first time to take a sip of a Lotus Tea. The taste was good it is a little sweet coming from the lotus flower.

Lotus tea for free^^

When we get there I can see a group of family sitting in the bench and chatting while enjoying the lotus tea. But most of the visitors are old group of people and I enjoyed watching them seeing and hearing their laughter. The Lotus that has a big leafy green was amazed me most. It was most likely the same big as the big pan and maybe it can carry a newly born baby.

Big leaves as the sized of a big pan
Indeed I have a great day discovering the nature. Many things in this world are wonderful, so appreciate what they can give with us.

Warning: A lot of photos of myself with the views.

Right after enjoying the Lotus Flower we went to the other sides of the road because there was a park, the CHUYIN RIVERBANK ECOLOGY PARK that was located to Nan-hua Village. There is a trail for biking, the CHUYIN BICYCLE PATH in which you can enjoy the Nan- Hua Village Bald Forest. You can also enjoy the view because there was a running water along the side. But we did not try biking because we already using a motor. We just stop and take a look at it. There are kids that are biking together with their parents. My companion said it was better than before because there are many flowers on it. Maybe I can agree to her because I can see that the spot has not been clean and there are many weeds but still looks fine because it was just added to the natural green color of the environment.

Because it is my first time going there I really dont know the address or the way going there it was my companion who knows the way. But here is a link and you can find this spots in Ji'an Township. They have their contact and they can provide you a good service.



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