Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where to find a Cozy and Affordable Aroma Therapy in Taitung.

Feeling heavy?or just simply want to relax and reflex your body?Here is my recommendation for you..

This is how may Aroma House will give you. They have a good service and friendly masseur.

It was totally hand massage and I'm surely you will feel awesome. Above pictures, this place is for upper body massages including neck, shoulder, back, hand and head.

They used these organic therapy oil for massaging which made in 100% herbal plants from St. Mary's Farm. The three bottles in the center are used for relaxation before the body massages will start...and these oil therapy named as happiness, ease, and love. The big bottles side by side is used for body massaging and they have a named  which is based on the oil formula.

They used this comb like for head massages but it also can used for body.

Inside the room you can see this healing candle to get some relaxation matching with a peaceful musics.

The day of my learning and practicing the aroma therapy massage. Left Picture: Learning inside the Aroma House. Right Picture : Outreach Program free body massage in Jiben Village for the Paiwan aboriginal people. And I'm so stiff which my teachers usually noticed...Lol,,,more practice. There must be a body's like dancing slowly...

My friendly teachers..
For the back, shoulder,hand and head massage is NT 500 for 30 mins. and for the whole body is NT 1500 .

Address: #106 Xinyi Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan.

Service Rate : 5/5

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