Thursday, June 5, 2014

Korean Names : Who's Not Curios?

I am really curios about Korean names. It was because sometimes it's hard to know who is he or she and Korean people have almost the same names especially when it comes to their family name.

Well, let's figure it out...

Generally, Korean names were composed of three syllables. If it was written in Korea, family name goes first before the given name unlike Western and some Asian countries it was opposite where family name comes at the end.


Lee Minho is a South Korean singer-actor who is very popular not only Asian countries but also to Western countries. This name, Lee is a family name and Min Ho is the given name. And for those who are not familiar in Korean names like me, there are no middle name included in their real name. And another point of difference is that same name is rarely passed down from one generation to other generation.

Most Korean family names are only one syllable. Most common family names are Lee, Park, Kim, and Choi. And there are 250 Korean family names approximately. There are also family names that are in two syllables but it was rarely.

It is said to be that Korean names has it's own meaning. But most of it was based on Chinese characters. But it said that in recent years more and more Korean people are opting to Hangeul names. Chinese symbol have own meaning and Korean names  have deep significance. And now many of them used Hangeul names with deep meaning.


Many of Korean parents are trying to give a good name to their children in order for them to live a joyous, healthy and successful in their life. And it was because parents believe that their child fortune was determined by their names.

To know more about Korean Customs and  Beliefs just click the link:
Korean Customs and Beliefs

Info Credit: KTO Official page

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