Monday, October 21, 2013

Qixing Lake (Qixingtan) on Summer

As I mentioned earlier in my post about Qixing Lake ( Qixingtan ), I got an impressive view in this place that I feel so much relaxation in going here. This is my third time visiting in place because I really love this scenic area. But this time, there are many people who visited because it was summer and the weather is really good. There are group of friends, families and foreigners walking, staying in the seashore and some are picnicking. It was really feel good in here. The air was fresh, so you can take a deep breath for you to relieve some stress. The scenic view was beautiful as ever.

A family that flocks together will stay forever
You can see them,, it's a group of family walking together and some of them are biking which Qixingtan is designated for biking purposes. It's good to bring your family here and have some talk while enjoying the environment.
Mountain View
But there is one thing we always keep going back in this place. It is where you can find one of the best ice cream vendor. Every time we went here together with my friends we always go and buy this delicious ice cream that comes with different flavors. Said to say I cannot inform you the details about this ice cream booth because actually i did not know that someday I will make a blog site for my travel stories. I just took a random shots. Maybe I will write it for my next visit.
Chocolate Vs. Mango Flavor
We are already satisfied going here in Qixingtan by tasting this mouth melting delicious food. There is a deck where you can viewed the sea while enjoying with your favorite flavored ice cream.
The Ice Cream Deck
And sometimes you have to be alone for self reflection,hehehe... Looking at the people near the sea which some of them are fishing, looking and listening to the small waves. What a good vibes...
Take time to realize....kkk

Looking at the sea @_@
Stay some more time and you have to see the another view of Qixing Lake by night. I was more amazing. It feels like paradise. You can feel the tranquil atmosphere and you can just here the hustling sounds from the sea.

Get some time spending here and feel what a peace could really meant to be. Go with your friends and families and make feel close to our mother earth.

Enjoying the breathtaking view...

I always love going here because it was my stress reliever. 

Things that you can do here:
  • Strolling,walking and biking to make ourselves more healthy.
  • Fishing as pasting time.
  • Beat the heat with the best ice cream vendor with different flavors.
  • Can buy fresh seafood. 
  • Get your best shoots in this beautiful scenery.


  1. Hi, stumbled upon ur blogpost when was searching for more info on Qi Xing Tan. Would like to seek for your advices as in whether it's ok to visit Qi Xing Tan at night? Or it'll be too dark to see anything?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Many many thanks!

  2. hi Yvonne..thank you for stopping by here..i visited Qi Xing Tan yesterday but it seems the view was not good compared on summer.. it's not good to visit at night because it will be too dark because as you know the weather is not good. We just enjoy the big waves yesterday,,,,,

  3. wow..u r there again in taiwan? okok noted then...will plan my itinerary accordingly so that we dun miss the nice scenary at Qi Xing Tan..thanks ya!

  4. hi yvonne...did you visited Qi Xing Tan already?


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