Thursday, December 26, 2013

From Korea Tourism Organization with LOVE

Yeah guys.. I'm a fan of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) that's why I always visited their Official site together with their Social Networking Sites (SNS). It was to gather some information that will add to my brain..hehehe,..And of course I was even more excited because of their events.I'm pretty much sure that you were also excited about their events,right?

Wanna know about this one?

It was my first gift from KTO that's why I wrote up this posts for me to make it memorable.

It comes with a note inside and here it is...
Greetings from Korea Tourism Organization

We thank you for participating in our event 'Inspiring Korea Travel Stories'

Your participation for this event means a lot to our organization.
For this reason, we are giving out a participation prize!
The prize that we selected to give out is a card holder necklace that can be used for your day to day events.
We hope that you like our prize selection.

Once again, we thank you for participating in this contest.
We appreciate your interest and we hope to see you again in our future events.

Thank You

From Korea Tourism Oraganization

I really participated in that event sharing your stories in travelling Korea to inspire readers. But actually I did not yet experience travelling this place. I just honestly wrote there that I did not yet experience going Korea but I really really want to. I just shared a getaway of my one closest friend here in Taiwan and I said that I want to experience all of what she experienced while getting around in Korea.

Here was the participation gift from KTO and from this I get more motivation on spreading about Korea. It was a  red card holder with black necklace. It used to hold cards back to back. And it was stamped with their tourism slogan Korea Be Inspired.

Korea Be Inspired card holder necklace
Korea Be Inspired... I really get inspired because KTO appreciated the interest of their readers. And thanks a lot for noticing me and especially for their effort sending this gift.

And finally.. thanks a lot for your appreciation ^^

Readers want to know more about Korea? Click this link and be well informed about Korea.

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