Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loudong Tourists Night Market in Taiwan

Have you ever been to a night market?Well, for those who visited Taiwan, I'm sure they won't missed going to a night market because it is a popular place or just a normal place where we can taste the authentic food of Taiwan.

Loudong Tourists Night Market is located Loudong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan. It is said to be the most busiest and crowded night market in Taiwan. Since i visited some of the night markets in other county and been there twice i can say that it was true that this night market was really a crowded one. Loudong Tourists Night Market offers local snacks and fashionable shops.

Some what kind of exotic food...

Grilled Squid meat in barbecue sauce....

Grilled squid *_*

Takoyaki: balls with octopus meat and coleslaw inside top with wasabi and butter
There are many mouth watering food that you can choose on... If you have the chance to visit Taiwan don't miss this place.

How to get there?
>>It is a walking distance South West of the Loudong Station of Taiwan Railway Administration(TRA).

>>Get GouGuang Bus or Capital Bus from Taipei to Loudong.

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